Coming Soon - Mood Altering Experiences in VR

TRIPP  - Coming Soon                  TRIPP DATA PLATFORM            SOLITAIRE VR BY TRIPP

TRIPP is currently developing mood altering experiences in VR to be delivered across all VR platforms.  TRIPP is innovating on VR STIMULATION rather than simulation. The revolutionary launch product will  allow you to select one of many different types of moods you would like to experience and guide you through a  journey that will change the way you feel in real time.

Behind the scenes is a very powerful data collection platform that will aggregate consumer responses and power the TRIPP AI layer that uses machine learning to deliver a unique experience to every TRIPP you take.

While our attention is primarily focused on creating mood altering experiences, TRIPP has also created a very cool Solitaire VR game "just for fun" and because every new platform needs a GREAT solitaire app. 

The VR Shop on YouTube says Solitaire VR by TRIPP is "The best f*@king Solitaire app you'll ever see in your life."  

Available now on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and coming soon to Google Daydream.  For more info click here

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